May 4, 2012



Have any of you watched or heard about HBO's new show, Girls? I've become slightly obsessed. It's sort of like a modern Sex and the City (which seriously got my through my high school years) that focuses on women in their 20's, as opposed to women in their 30's and 40's. It's kind of a hipster take on some of the humiliations and triumphs that a group of young women who are living in NYC and who have just graduated university with liberal arts degrees experience. It's honest and sarcastically and HILARIOUSLY funny and it so resonates with my life and experiences. !!

That being said, there's been some very profound and appropriate critiques of the show, as seen here. Namely, it's been critiqued for the extent to which it lacks diversity and whitewashes NYC. When I went to NYC I was in awe of how many different social groups I encountered; it was incredible! Although Girls emphasizes the many (unfair) troubles that (white) women college graduates encounter, it also seems to unquestionably reinforce their power and privilege. I mean, the show does seem to be about and for one group of women only: those who are white, who have access to post-secondary education, who come from middle-class families, and who are primarily heterosexual. As a result, I think it might exclude other groups of women and promote white middle-class dominance. But what do you think? The season just started, so it's also hard to say what Girls has in store for us.

Nonetheless, I think what it does is great. I'm not meaning to dismiss the show but rather want to point out what it (perhaps inevitably) misses. It's still definitely worth watching and enjoying. So check out the trailer below and the first episode here.

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