May 21, 2012

Music Mondays: Lykke Li

All of a sudden I'm obsessed with Swedish bands and musicians. Remember this one? Even though Lykke Li's latest CD, Wounded Rhymes, came out over a year ago, I've been listening to it non-stop this past week. It's been great thesis music. (Although right now I'm obviously not working on my thesis...) And she is just so cool. She literally embodies everything I love about music. When she's singing, she becomes the music. It's her rhythms, her lyrics, her voice. All of this comes together in her movements, her performance. She's incredible to watch (see some of my favourite music videos by her below) and listen to. Her ability to physically embody music is contagious, outrageous!! Anyway, what are your thoughts? Have you heard of Lykke Li and do you like her? 

I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend, if you have one! Today my mom and I are off to a little town called Westport, exciting! xo Caroline

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