May 10, 2012

One Last Tribute to My Friend, the East Coast.

Urban Behaviour sweater (men's department)//H&M dress//Belt from.. I don't know, it's a few years old!//Charlotte Russe bracelet//Michael Kors Sunglasses//Patagonia Sandals//Roots bag

Jimmy and I took our last trip to Point Pleasant Park on Sunday, after I got back from a much needed H&M trip with a friend (details about what I bought to come). As usual, we veered off track yearning for a little bit of an adventure and came across this beautiful and peaceful lookout. I'm just so in love with the coast here, as I've shown you here, here, here, here, here, here, here,  and here. I bought these sandals recently online (after having tried on a different pair for sizing at a local store) and I'm so happy with them. They are extremely comfortable and simple, which is exactly what I was looking for in a summer sandal. And the purse is also new, I bought it for over 50% off a couple weeks ago!

On another note, can you believe I leave on Saturday!! Ahh! It's been a hell of a past few days, with all the packing, throwing stuff away, and selling of other things. I just hate moving! xo Caroline

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