May 25, 2012


Pretty scenery at the Public Gardens in Halifax. Oh, how I miss you!
More of that.
Anddd a little more.
More scenery of the beautiful Atlantic and my cozy feet.
Gelato on the board walk one windy evening.
New jacket, DIY bracelet, and retro swimsuit. (Been looking for one for ages!)
Falafel wraps!! 
A lovely Moroccan feast and evening out.
The park nearby my old apartment. Sigh.
New (ish) Roots purse and DIY rope necklaces.
Tulips & a cappuccino. Need I say more?
Our drive home. Two days packed tightly in the car. But such pretty skies!
A cocktail outside.
More flowers by the window. This time, lilacs.
Me n' Marilyn. No biggie.
I love my baby!!! I also love my feet? No, I wouldn't say that.

Hope you enjoyed this little mix up! I keep wanting to experiment with new ways I can display my Instagram photos. I see so many ideas around the web. I hope you like this one! 

It's Friday, what are your plans for the weekend? I worked 'till 9pm last night and I have to admit I am very proud of myself. Now to start the day... ugh. Otherwise, Jimmy and I are spending the day tomorrow with my aunt and her family at their cottage. I'm excited! And tonight we're having dinner with an old friend. xo Caroline

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