June 15, 2012

Easy DIY Chain Rings.

This is such a simple DIY! It also only cost me $2 and not very much time at all. And, to top it off, I love my chain rings, which you can of course wear on individually or together. They add a simple statement to any outfit. Enjoy!! (Oh, I came across this DIY here.)

Well, today I'm off to Kitchener & area with the family and the boyfriend :) to visit my brother and see some sights. (Including Niagara Falls ... which I've never been to before!) Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. But I still plan (hope) to do some work in the car ride there and back. Let's hope I can stick to it, though I'm sure many of my friends reading this will tell me NOT to do that and to take a darn break for once. But my excuse is this: I'm going to Europe soon and so shouldn't take a break now, too!!! I know, I know. We'll see. Chow! xo Caroline

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