June 1, 2012

Summer Essentials: Part II

Summer Essentials: Part II
1. A straw hat to protect from the sun, this one's from H&M.
2. Rhinestone accessories. I'm in love with this one!
3. Neon. This one would add a nice pop to any outfit.
4. A Tote bag. You've already seen mine here and here but this one is really neat.
5. A messenger bag that can carry all your essentials. I love Zara's bags.
6. Platform sandals to add some height, these Lanvin ones are gorgeous.
7. Flats flats flats! These ones are sophisticated and can be dressed up or down.
8. Flat sandals too, of course. Gotta love Madewell
9. Sneakers. I love white ones like these.
10. Tinted lip balm. This stuff is a miracle. Not only does it moisturise, it provides lip-stick quality colour! Perfect for summer, and every season really.

Can you believe it's June already! What are you all up to this weekend? Today I need to get some work done as usual, and I'm kinda stuck right now. But tonight I'll be meeting up with a few different girlfriends which is very much needed. xo Caroline

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