June 18, 2012

Quick Tips: Lipstick-free Wine Glasses.

I wear a lot of lipstick and I love wine so I was automatically intrigued by this tip and wanted to try it out. I found out about it here. It works really well, actually. All you have to do is lick your wine glass each time you're about to take a sip. So, if you're at a restaurant or a party of sorts you might look like a weirdo who is either really hungry or really drunk. Regardless, your lipstick won't come off and it won't leave kiss-like markings on your wine glass (or any glass for that matter?). At least mine didn't. Try it for yourself! 

Happy Monday! I'm still in Kitchener right now visiting my brother, but it's time to go home soon and get back to the busy work week that awaits! xo Caroline

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