June 26, 2012

Lonely Island Group: Funny and Feminist?

I love the Lonely Island Group. (Though they've recently stopped making videos!) I'm really into this kind of humour ... what might we call it, anyway? Below are two of my favourite of their videos and why.

This video is especially interesting because it satirically comments on our capitalist-driven society and it's domination by, let's face it, white people! The ruling social group is far too often considered inevitable and natural--the normal way things are. I love that this video humorously challenges that idea. Calling them 'feminist', however, might be pushing it (in fact, I hate labelling anything 'feminist', but thought the alliteration worked well for the post's title). I mean, they don't really bring gender into the picture. But that's okay, this post is more about what their videos do do. They tell us, "hey, the rich white people that make all the decisions about money and law and government and healthcare and advertising and you and me and even fashion are not naturally decision-makers--they're constructed as such. And HEY what about all those people that are consequently excluded from and marginalized in society????" 

Also, this video is f*ing hilarious! It comments on the whole 'adult' versus 'child' opposition, as well as the idea of, like, a non-conformist who doesn't participate in consumerist culture. I'm not sure if they're making fun of these things or challenging them or both. Either way, they're bringing to light things that are usually ignored and taken-for-granted. xo Caroline

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