June 12, 2012

Market Mornings.

[ American Apparel t-shirt // Thrifted polka-dot blouse // Banana Republic cut-offs // Zara bag // DIY necklace that I made // Chelsea Crew platforms // Michael Kors sunglasses ]

I had such a nice time at the farmer's market on Saturday morning! From beautiful flowers, especially the lupins, and fresh herbs to home-made pies of all sorts, a famous "Bacon-on-a-bun" stand, and blueberry lemonade, it was a delicious and fun morning. Do you have a local farmer's market and, if so, do you frequent it often? I usually don't go as often as I'd like to (prices do add up, and time is always limited). Don't you ever wish you could shop locally every weekend, and then spend all of your time organizing/cooking/baking your goodies? I do. Ohhh, to be free from school! xo Caroline

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