June 4, 2012

Music Mondays: Gossip


It makes me really upset when I hear people say that all popular and mainstream music sucks these days and that there's no good musicians anymore. Sometimes radio stations overplay music, and I'll admit I've come to dislike a lot of songs as a result. Other times musicians and bands seem to be involved in music only for the celebrity or the money (and although that's somewhat understandable, their music often ends up annoying the hell outta me). But Gossip is the perfect example of how good popular music is these days. Not only do they make a bold statement about what it means to be a "woman" and a "legitimate" band, they also write and play their own music. They are probably one of my all-time favourite bands. I mean ever. I have been listening to their latest CD (of which the first two videos are from), A Joyful Noise, non-stop and obsessively since the day it came out in Canada. I don't usually buy CDs, but that one is SO worth the buy! And how cool is Beth Ditto, their lead singer? xo Caroline

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