September 14, 2012

Birthday Snapshots.

Last weekend I celebrated my 24th Birthday. It was an unexpectedly lovely day. I tried not to set the bar too high for this Birthday, only because in the past when I've done that I've found myself let down. I wanted to take the day as it came - both the good and the bad. I did, and I was happily surprised! I just spent the day with my family and it was so needed, especially because I move to Vancouver this weekend. My mom and I went to two of my favourite places in downtown Ottawa: The Sassy Bead Company to make a necklace tutorial I found here and then the Fairmont Chateau Laurier for - brace yourselves - high tea!!! I love high tea! It was delicious and everything I needed.
In the evening we made dinner, drank wine, ate delicious Stubbe chocolate cake, opened gifts, and finished of the night with a game of pool. Not too mention, I got some lovely new things including a purse I'd been eyeing, the Guess watch I've been wanting (see here), and a Lauren Elan bracelet, as you'll see below!

What would the night have been without playing around with our pets? I have to say, I'll miss these guys so much. Especially that happy big-tongued guy. Oh ya.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll be seeing you on Sunday from Vancouver for an exciting project I'm going to announce! xo Caroline

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