September 5, 2012


These photos were taken with my old non-digital DSLR camera so I'm not as pleased with the results. However, they will have to do because I love this outfit. I just felt so great in it! I picked up the slouchy sparkly top from Club Monaco a couple of weeks ago on sale and I love it. I was initially hesitant to buy it because I never thought I could pull off the slouchy cropped look (although I have tried) but this version I think actually works on me. AND it's perfect for both fall and summer. This whole outfit, actually, was meant to be a transition outfit from summer (and the heat that still persists in these parts of Canada) to fall. With the more neutral colour palette and the mix between covered up and still easy breezy, I think it works! 

 Zara blazer (similar) // Roots Kensington Norway bag (similar) // Club Monaco top (similar
// Bluenotes shorts (similar) // Michael Kors Santa Barbara sunnies (similar) // Chelsea Crew wedges (similar) // Vintage bracelet // Jenni Jewel necklace 

Hope your week is going well! Mine is Birthday is coming up this weekend!!

P.S. If you're interested you can find my sock bun (as pictured here) tutorial here!

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