September 4, 2012

Fall Fashion Lust List.

Fall Fashion Lust List.

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Usually right before a new fashion season is about to start I do an "essentials" post of clothing items that are already essentials in my closet for that coming season (see here, here, here, and here). However, this time I thought I would post about things I'm craving for fall. I'm dying to get my hands on anything peplum, a black leather skirt, a tweed pencil skirt or pants, a silk (or imitation) tank, and a cowl neck cashmere sweater (or imitation???). I'm also wanting a pair of "shooties", as my closet lacks these, a new messenger bag (but a larger one, this Coach one is perfect!), a felt fedora, and a chunky watch and bracelet. What are your fall must haves? xo Caroline

P.S. I'm also guest posting on Coco and Vera today! I'd love it if you checked it out! And, if you haven't seen Cee's guest post on The Feminista Journals, you can find it here

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