September 3, 2012

Ottawa Snapshots.

Here are some snapshots of last weekend's time spent in Ottawa playing tourist with my dear friend  who was visiting from Calgary. We had a lovely weekend meandering through the city, soaking up the hot weather, enjoying the sights, sharing stories, eating yummy foods (include one of my favourites: charcuterie!), patio-sitting, and people watching (a couple of weddings in particular)!

Although last weekend in Ottawa was a much needed blast, I thought this weekend (this one right now, right here, I mean) was going to be quite dull. I originally had no plans and most of my friends either do not live in this city or, those who do, are away on vacations. However, so far it's actually been surprisingly lovely! I can't wait to share the photos of my great day alone yesterday with you later this week! I hope your weekend has had some nice surprises, too! xo Caroline

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