September 12, 2012

Grey & White.

Although we've all heard the feared "don't wear white after labour day" warning, I think it's totally acceptable to do so - at least for me. Why not? Isn't a part of the fun of fashion playing with and adjusting some of the "rules"? Isn't that how you create your own (always changing, in my opinion) fashion style? Although this can be kind of scary and intimidating for me, I think it's totally important. Do you?

[ Zara sweater (similar) // Banana Republic cropped pants // Browns ID oxfords (loving these!) // Anthropologie clutch (similar) // Michael Kors Santa Barbara sunglasses (similar) // Tiffany & Co necklace (similar) ]

I'm going to leave you with a lovely quote on fashion style by Kate Hudson. It speaks for itself! xo Caroline

"Be true to yourself and what you want to wear. Fashion isn't about trends; it's about expression and how you relate to the world. It's yours. People who have a strong sense of self often have a strong sense of style too" (Elle Canada October 2012, "Golden Girl: Kate Hudson's Latest Starring Role").

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