September 16, 2012

Colour Challenge: Collaboration with Anais from The Time is Grey.

I'm so excited to announce that I will be doing a sequence of collaborative posts this coming week with Anais from The Time is Grey! The Time is Grey is one of my all-time favourite blogs. I so admire the beautiful Anais and her unique sense of style - she brilliantly combines an array of beautiful vintage pieces in fun, modern, and classic ways. Her photographs and her blog posts are equally as brilliant as her sense-of-style. She uses a kind of poetic language to describe her outfit posts and her photos. And, as you can see, they are stunning!

Anais and I have collaborated and come up with what we've called a "Colour Challenge". Starting tomorrow, we will be posting outfits on each of our respective blogs based on one colour. Monday will be red, Tuesday white, Wednesday black, Thursday green, and Friday blue. Of course, we've styled different outfits in different ways. I hope you'll stay tuned to see what both of us have come up with for each colour!
Before you go, be sure to check out the below interview I so luckily scored with Anias. We talk about life, fashion, and blogging. xo Caroline

On Life

C: Where were you born and raised?
A: I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium.

C: Where do you live and what do you do (for a living)?
A: I live in Los Angeles because I work for American Apparel.
I work in the creative department at the Downtown Headquarter.

C: What do you do for fun?
A: I love to go thrift shopping, to cook, and hike.
Chill at home with my boyfriend.
Have some “crafts and talk” afternoon with my girlfriends.
I am a very simple girl.

C: What are you currently obsessing over (if anything)?
A: Swimwear without a doubt.
School uniform, on a regular basis.
Bleu, White and Red for the colors.

C: What kinds of words or wisdom do you live by?
A: Life takes time.

On Fashion

C: How would you describe your fashion style?
A: Eclectic Classic

C: Who is your fashion inspiration?
A: The 50’s in general, Grace Kelly. She reminds me my grandma.

C: How/when did you acquire your love for vintage pieces?
A: Very early. At first for money reason, because vintage items were not popular in Belgium so when you go to Flea Markets you find vintage treasures for 1 or 2 euro. 

C: Describe how you incorporate vintage into your wardrobe.
A: I work at American Apparel and I must then were their clothes daily. It was a little hard at the beginning but by the time I realized that the perfect basic/classic item combined with a strong vintage piece makes the perfect balance I was looking for.

C: In your opinion, is there something that every woman’s closet needs?
A: A comfortable pair of jeans.

C: Is/are there an item(s) that you wear more than others in your closet? Why?
A: My J.Crew  Mint Ballet flats, because it is so comfortable and effortless stylish.
The American Apparel Denim circle skirt, I feel wearing everyday ! It fits with everything and gives you very long legs.

C: What do you enjoy most about personal fashion and imaging? And least?
A: What I prefer is the effect a good outfit has on your mood for the day long, it has the power to make you happy and  confident.
In the opposite, I feel people are sometimes living in boxes and it is hard to go out of this box, I don’t know if it has sense.

C: What is your fashion motto? In other words, do you have any advice on style?
A: Be yourself.

On Blogging

C: Why did you start your blogging?
A: I  started blogging when I was living in Japan. It was sometimes hard to communicate with people, it took time for me to cross the language barrier. So I started to connect with people on the internet and blogging was one of the best way.

C: How would you describe your blog?
A: My blog is extremely simple. It is me and what I wear every day.
A little word about my feelings or inspiration and that’s it.
I have a project for another type of blog that would be less about me and more about what I am interested to, but this is still on project.

C: What do you enjoy most about your blog/blogging?
A: It gives me motivation to dress up at the morning. To be honest, I work about 10 hours everyday and I sometimes really want to wear my pyjamas ! Thank you to my readers to give me this motivation!

C: What do you or have you struggled with (in terms of blogging)?
A: The  “I want to be Popular” aspect. I hate how people trade a like for a like, and you finally wonder if the comments are spontaneous or simply interested.  Even tough I completely understand the desire to be popular, at the end of the day, this only a blog.
It doesn’t really show the best part of humanity ….

C: What bloggers/blogs are currently inspiring you the most?
those 3 for this week !

C: Do you have any advice for new (ish) bloggers like myself?
A: Be yourself and stay authentic. 

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