September 10, 2012

Music Mondays: The Lumineers.

Oh my gosh is this band ever good! The Lumineers have become my latest music obsession. Only by listening to them did I realize how much I love contemporary folk music. From Bon Iver (who I'll be seeing tonight at the Ottawa Folk Festival!!) to The Weepies to Joshua Radin to, as of late, The Lumineers. Oh my. The Lumineers are a mix between the rhythms and sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Momford & Son and the sultry ballads of Ryan Adams. Their music is uplifting yet at the same time poignantly honest and real. It contains both tinges of hope and remnants of sadness. This makes for such beautiful combination, one that they so brilliantly execute.

This quote from the biography page on The Lumineers' website perfectly describes them:

"They’re drawn by the live Lumineers experience—a coming-together in musical solidarity against isolation, adversity, and despair."

4. / 5.
Below are some of my favourite videos/songs by The Lumineers. Watching a band/musician's music videos and/or them playing live is crucial to my ability to form an opinion about her/him/them. These videos perfectly exemplify the unity, harmonious rhythms and beats, and passion behind The Lumineers. Enjoy! xo Caroline

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